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P.S. 18 Q

The Winchester School

Our Mission: Our purpose is to provide a safe and creative school climate by building positive relationships, resulting in high academic and social achievement for all students.

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Our Instructional Focus

At PS 18, all members will analyze student data to tailor instruction. Through active participation in math routines, students will persevere, engage in discovery, and build independence, using discourse to build skill and achieve mastery of the eight mathematical practices.

Digital Learning

Digital learning allows teachers to deliver their lessons online, and students can complete assignments, projects, and assessments just like they would in the classroom. This will create an opportunity for students and teachers to interact online and allows students to continue learning subjects and material that are a key part of their curriculum.

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P.S. 18Q PTA

Visit our PTA page for ways to help support our school!

School Leadership Team Meetings

 Please request the schedule for upcoming dates.

*All meetings will alternate monthly between 7:15am and 3:00pm*

If you plan to attend, please click the button below to email Mr. Cantalupo and he will send you a Zoom link

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